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The client

Coach Nicole is a relationship expert that guides individuals and couples in improving communication, building trust, and deepening emotional connections.

The brief

Coach Nicole was looking to update her branding and build a new website to optimize booking for 1 on 1 and group sessions. Our team was honored to bring Coach Nicole's vision to life, creating a website that accurately reflects her expertise as a former divorce attorney and certified counselor.

general info
2020 - Present
Design Consulting

Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Webflow Website Development

Social Media Managemnet


Relationship Coach


The main objectives were to create a logo, a website, and build a social media presence. She had a previous website and logo made but mentioned that she was unhappy with the design direction, had problems updating the website, and the website contact form was unusable for tablet or mobile users. We began strategy sessions to create a clear foundation for the type of message she wanted to communicate with her brand and the design followed effortlessly. She wanted to create a very approachable and relatable brand for a community of corporate successful women dating, engaged and married.


The project culminated in the creation of a updated branding and website that allowed her to book mobile and tablet clients for remote one on one and group sessions. We were able to find a new creative direction that fit her desire for a more simplified less colorful brand. We were able to help her serve her new clients better with a social media presence on instagram of over 20k followers in a few months. This was a highly successful project and we were able to use her instagram to get her over 200 new and repeat sessions. We enjoyed working with Nicole so much that we continue to work with her to this day by updating her website, writing content and managing her instagram.


We created a new website and logo for Coach Nicole that accurately represents her expertise as a former divorce attorney and certified counselor. Our strategy sessions helped create an approachable and relatable brand for successful women. We built her social media presence with over 20k followers, improved booking options for remote sessions, and continue to work with her through website updates, content creation, and Instagram management.

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