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The client

ARC empowers business owners with financial clarity and peace of mind as their preferred accounting partner.

The brief

Shawn was looking to take his accounting business online to better serve clients on a retainer basis. He wanted to communicate his process in a simple and straightforward way with a website, social media marketing, and an updated logo.

general info

Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Webflow Website Development

Social Media Management


Design Consulting


The main objectives were to create a consistent and professional logo, website, and social media presence. He mentioned that it was important that the company appear approachable and easy to understand to his target audience of small to mid sized business owners. We chose bold colors to stand out from the competition and a brand promise of working around the clock. This message can be seen in the logo design that we agreed on for his brand Around the Clock consulting (ARC). We spoke about making the website easy to navigate, to describe his services in packages, and serve as a place to easily book calls with clients.


The project culminated in the creation of a website that not only effectively conveyed Shawn's accounting services, but also provided a platform for booking meetings with remote clients. Together we were able to package his services, articulate his unique process, and highlight his competitive advantages through a process diagram and a comprehensive list of available services tailored to small to mid-size clients. Furthermore, we designed a logo and business cards for use in person events. Additionally, we initiated the development of social media content to establish an online audience centered around Shawn's business.


We successfully helped Shawn take his accounting business online with a new logo, website, and social media presence. Our goal was to create an approachable and understandable brand for small to mid-sized business owners. The project resulted in a successful online presence for Around the Clock Consulting (ARC), with an effective website, business cards, and social media content.

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