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Blue Umbrella

The client

The Blue Umbrella is a non-profit organization that provides photography and music classes to youth in inner-city communities.

The brief

David & Chris were excited to update their website to attract donors for their grant-based education services. They wanted to make sure that the students were recognized and appreciated for their work. we discussed adding a student gallery and detailed easy-to-find class details for those looking to partner and donate to their cause.

general info

Brand Strategy

Webflow Website Development


Design Consulting


The main objectives were to create a website that communicated the blue umbrella’s mission. Chris and David had a previous website but wanted to update the visuals and promote the new courses they were offering. We discussed that the blue umbrella was a community based education program that met in person to foster hope and creativity in struggling communities. We used the logo as inspiration for a simplified minimal website that promoted the kids and the positive impact the program had on them creatively through art and music.


The project resulted in an updated website that showcases the new classes available and a student gallery that higlighted students who have successfully completed the program. We added information about the updated team members to the site and included a donation section for those interested in supporting the nonprofit program. It was a pleasure working with Chris and David on this community endeavor.


We worked with Chris and David to update their website for The Blue Umbrella, a grant-based education service. Our main objectives were to showcase the program's mission and new courses, and to recognize the students' achievements. We created a minimalistic website inspired by their logo that promoted the positive impact of the program through art and music. The result was an updated website with a student gallery, detailed course information, and a donation section for interested supporters. It was a pleasure working with Chris and David on this community endeavor.

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