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RB consulting

The client

Rachel was looking to begin her own HR consulting and Resume writing business. Her Goal was to support those in a career pivot and help businesses better tackle internal conflicts with HR support and systems.

The brief

Rachel was looking to launch her HR consulting business. We began discussing strategy and logo design to create a foundation for the later website design. As we began the web design process it was important for Rachel that her company was a resource to minority business owners and corporate workers. Near the end of the project, we provided social media templates that could be used to grow her audience online.

general info

Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Webflow Website Development

Social Media Design


Design Conslulting


Our first objective was to create a logo for Rachel’s HR company. We wanted to make something simple and bold but also tame enough to appear professional for her target corporate clients. We identified brand colors that resonated with her and began creating the wireframe designs that would inspire the later website design.


The main objectives were to create a logo, a website, and social media content templates that communicated RB Consulting’s services. Rachel wanted to provide HR services for mid sized companies and career services to corporate workers looking to pivot in their career. She saw an underserved black and brown community in this space that needed help with the corporate language to elevate their interviewing skills. She also wanted to empower them with support and the vocabulary of the skills they have to offer the work force.


The project involved creating a logo, website, and social media templates for RB Consulting, which provides remote interview coaching and professional development services to help individuals pivot in the competitive workforce. Working closely with Rachael, we prioritized making the website appealing to black and brown talent by incorporating relevant imagery and highlighting her desire to serve college alumni. The logo we designed was minimalistic and suitable for professional settings. Additionally, we provided Rachael with social media templates to help establish an online presence and build a community around her business.

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